Feb 27, 2018 - World

UN: North Korean supplies linked to chemical weapons in Syria


Syrians receive medical treatment after one of the Assad regime's alleged chemical gas attacks. Photo by Ammar Suleyman/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

North Korea has been shipping supplies to Syria that could be used for the production of chemical weapons, according to a United Nations report reviewed by the NYTimes.

The details: A panel of eight experts, responsible for investigating violations of North Korean sanctions since 2010, claims that acid-resistant tiles, valves and thermometers were part of at least 40 unreported shipments between the two nations from 2012 to 2017.

Why it matters: Per the Times, this kind of trade relationship "could allow Syria to maintain its chemical weapons while also providing North Korea with cash for its nuclear and missile programs." The news follows recent reports of chlorine gas attacks in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, where even a 30-day UN ceasefire has failed to put an end to the violence.

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