Feb 8, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Paul Ryan only wants to bring a Trump-approved DACA bill to the floor

Paul Ryan

Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

House Speaker Paul Ryan zeroed in on his commitment to solve the Dreamers problem and find a DACA fix Thursday, but said he only wants to bring a bill that the president supports to the floor:

"To anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a DACA and immigration reform bill, do not," said Ryan. "I want to make sure it gets done right the first time. I don't want to risk a veto."

Quick hits:

  • Pelosi’s marathon Dreamers speech: "That was pretty darn impressive and she wasn’t wearing these kinds of shoes. I would’ve gone to the bathroom way before that."
  • Budget deal: "Guess what? In order to shift our focus and get on to the next big priority, which is a DACA solution, we gotta get this budget agreement done." Ryan added he thinks the bipartisan deal will get enough votes in the house.
  • Does his political future (which some say is uncertain) play a role in what immigration bill he brings to the floor? "It doesn’t. Not at all. I don’t think about it at all."
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