Feb 6, 2018 - Politics & Policy

The memo could prompt intel agencies to cut out Congress

FBI seal

The FBI's seal pictured outside the DC headquarters. Photo: T.J. Kirkpatrick / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Top intelligence and law enforcement officials warn that the release of a memo alleging FBI surveillance abuse could cause spy agencies to start sharing less with Congress, AP's Deb Riechmann writes.

Why it matters: This development would stem the flow of information through government entities and risks weakening Congress' oversight of intelligence agencies.

  • Robert Litt, former general counsel for the director of national intelligence: "The precedent that's been set here is very dangerous ... You can only imagine if the Democrats get control of the House in the mid-year election; they will now be able to say look, 'We've established a precedent here. You've released classified information, and we're going to start doing it as well.'"
  • The next memo: "Democrats have prepared their own memo in response to the one Nunes released last week. The intelligence committee [yesterday] authorized its release and sent it to the president, who will decide whether it should be declassified."
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