Feb 4, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Today's front pages: Trump's war on FBI, DOJ

"The war between the president and the nation’s law enforcement apparatus is unlike anything America has seen in modern times," the N.Y. Times' Sharon LaFraniere, Katie Benner and Peter Baker write for the front page:

  • "[T]he president has engaged in a scorched-earth assault on the pillars of the criminal justice system in a way that no other occupant of the White House has done."
  • Why it matters: "In his telling, that bureaucracy, now run by his own appointees, is a nest of political saboteurs out to undermine him — an accusation that raised fears that he was tearing at the credibility of some of the most important institutions in American life to save himself."

"At FBI, fears of lasting damage" — WashPost front page:

  • What's new: "The bureau is under fire not from those on the left but rather conservatives who have long been the agency’s biggest supporters, as well as the president who handpicked the FBI’s leader."
  • Why it matters: "Bureau officials say the accusations in the document produced by House Republicans are inaccurate and — more damaging in the long term — corrode the agency’s ability to remain independent and do its job."
  • One law enforcement official: “There’s a lot of anger. The irony is it’s a conservative-leaning organization, and it’s being trashed by conservatives. At first it was just perplexing. Now there’s anger, because it’s not going away.”
  • Flashback ... Yesterday's Axios SurveyMonkey poll, "GOP turns on FBI."
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