Jan 28, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Bipartisan senators react to possibility of Trump firing Mueller

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Special Counsel Robert Mueller is "the perfect guy to get to the bottom of" the Russia probe on ABC's This Week. "Everybody in the White House knows it’d be the end of President Trump’s presidency if he fires Mr. Mueller," he said, responding to reports that Trump wanted Mueller fired last summer.

Sen. Joe Manchin shrugged off the reports to NBC's Chuck Todd, calling it an example of Trump's "New York talk."

  • "I look at it strictly as the New York language that they have which is different than most other people,"
  • “Let's see if he [Trump] moves on [Deputy AG Rod] Rosenstein ... I think at that time there'll be Democrats and Republicans saying, 'Time to protect the judicial system and the three branches of government having equal power. Absolutely.'"
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