Jan 21, 2018 - Economy

Payback: The New York Times ridicules Trump


Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

A few days after the New York Times turned over its editorial page to pro-Trump readers, the paper’s opinion section torched the president from just about every angle imaginable. 

The big picture: Thumb through the paper’s Sunday Review to see a variety of takes — which combine to present a view of a dumb, racist, Hillary-obsessed, globally clueless, historically awful liar of a president. 

  • Gail Collins, lampooning Trump’s obsession with Hillary Clinton, says his Democratic opponent won even while losing: “He really cant seem to get past her.” 
  • Frank Bruni opens bluntly: “A year into Donald Trump’s presidency, we’ve thoroughly established what a liar he is.” 
  • Sean Wilentz, a historian, argues Trump might be the worst president in the nation’s history, a “parade of disgraces.” 
  • Michael Kinsley, a Vanity Fair columnist, piles on: “Many people have wondered why this clown should get to be president...”
  • Jamil Smith, a columnist, argues Trump is such an awful liar that his one redeeming quality is “by lying to us, in a way he has made it impossible for us to lie to ourselves.”
  • Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, a former ambassador to Malta, blamed Trump for seriously disrupting her social life. 
  • Roger Cohen accused him of spreading dread around the world.
  • Ross Douthat, a conservative, went a little easier, saying he is more farce than tragedy. 
  • Annie Pfeifer, a professor, mocks Trump as a “thin-skinned bully” in making her case about conflict resolution. 
  • Mustafa Umar of the Islamic Institute of Orange County wrote about the dread and challenge of being Muslim in Trump’s America.
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