Jan 17, 2018 - Economy & Business

Matt Drudge broke the Monica Lewinsky story 20 years ago today

Drudge in his home office in 1997

Matt Drudge in 1997. Photo: Amy Etra / The LIFE Images Collection / Getty Images

20 years ago today, back in 1998, Matt Drudge posted his most famous siren banner: "NEWSWEEK KILLS STORY ON WHITE HOUSE INTERN." Drudge's own anniversary posting includes the 1998 headline: "Arrival of the digital age."

Simpler times: A week later, the BBC reported: "[I]t was in the wilds of cyberspace — not the morning newspaper — that the story of Bill Clinton's alleged affair with a young White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, first unfolded...In the future, academics, politicians and journalists aren't likely to dismiss the Internet so quickly."

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