Jan 2, 2018 - Economy

NYT links optimism in business to Trump

A trader works on the floor at the closing bell of the Dow Industrial Average at the New York Stock Exchange on December 29, 2017. Photo: Bryan R. Smith / AFP / Getty Images

A headline for the White House to love, from the (not) "failing New York Times" ... "The Trump Effect: Business, Anticipating Less Regulation, Loosens Purse Strings":

"A wave of optimism has swept over American business leaders, and it is beginning to translate into the sort of investment in new plants, equipment and factory upgrades that bolsters economic growth, spurs job creation — and may finally raise wages significantly."

  • "While business leaders are eager for the tax cuts that take effect this year, the newfound confidence was initially inspired by the Trump administration's regulatory pullback, not so much because deregulation is saving companies money but because the administration has instilled a faith in business executives that new regulations are not coming."
  • But, but, but ... "Some businesses will essentially be able to get away with shortcuts that they could not have under a continuation of Obama-era policies."
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