Dec 26, 2017 - Technology

6-year-old Ben Hampton has 670,000 Instagram followers

Ben Hampton, one of Instagram's latest influencer has amassed over 670,000 followers and gone viral on YouTube, but he's only six years old, the Daily Beast reports. Hampton's social media accounts are run by his father as he's too young to publish posts himself. With his growing popularity, it's difficult for Hampton to leave his home without being recognized and even swarmed by fans.

The big picture, per the Daily Beast: "A lot of young kids in 2017 aspire to become famous YouTubers or social media stars —according to a recent study by travel company First Choice 75 percent of kids between the age of 6 and 17 say they hope to pursue a career in online video — but Ben had the type of father who could make it happen" by connecting his 6-year-old to YouTube star Jake Paul.

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