Jan 13, 2017 - Technology

Zuckerberg for president. Or emperor.

Esteban Felix / AP

Vanity Fair puts in print what we all talked about as far as Mark Zuckerberg's political aspirations after:

  1. Facebook allowed him to take a leave for government service without losing control of the company
  2. In an interview he dialed back his atheism to profess a belief in some sort of God
  3. He hired Obama's former campaign manager to help with his philantropic efforts
  4. Pledged in 2017 to visit all 50 states ("I wonder how many of those states are swing states?" VF asks)

All of that leads to this inevitable conclusion:

Increasingly, a number of influential people in Silicon Valley seem to think that Mark Zuckerberg will likely run for president of the United States one day. And some people, including myself, believe that he could indeed win. "He wants to be emperor" is a phrase that has become common among people who have known him over the years.

It's worth reading the full article for all the adulatory quotes. No need to hurry, though. The piece says he's not running until 2024.

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