Mar 24, 2017 - Politics & Policy

White House: Trump "drew a line" on health care

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Spicer said the AHCA vote is scheduled for 3:30p.m. He repeatedly stated that he believes the White House has done everything it can, and that the fate of the bill is now up to members of the House: "They'll be the ones who have to go back and explain to their constituents" why they didn't follow through on their pledge, said Spicer.

  • AHCA vote: "The president understands this is it... we have an opportunity to make sure that [yesterday's Obamacare anniversary] was the last one," said Spicer.
  • If the bill fails? "You guys are so negative! ... I'm still optimistic."
  • How has Paul Ryan done? "I think the Speaker has done everything he can. He's worked closely with the president... I said this yesterday, but we can't force people to vote."
  • Why did you postpone the vote? The administration wants the process to be very public, and they recognized if they didn't postpone it, voting would have gone "into the wee hours of the night," said Spicer.
  • Does the president regret tackling healthcare first? "No," said Spicer. Doing this first maximizes the tax reform agenda.
  • Trump's take-it-or-leave-it approach: "At some point, we either have a deal or we don't... the president drew a line... we've gotten to a decision where we think it's gone as far as it's going to go."
  • If you don't get the votes, will Trump ever try again? "I can't say that he never will... but there are so many other things he wants to get done... we're not going to sit around on this."
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