Feb 24, 2017 - Health

What you should know about the GOP's new healthcare plan

Brennan Linsley / AP

Details of the GOP's new healthcare plan are beginning to emerge, as pieced together by Bloomberg:

  • Right to choose whether to purchase health insurance or not, which means not everyone will be covered.
  • Like Obamacare, the GOP plan will provide tax credits to help people purchase insurance, but those subsidies will be based on age rather than income — meaning poorer people won't get additional money.
  • Threat of rolling back Medicaid: About 12 million people currently have coverage through Medicaid expansion.
  • Insurers would be allowed to charge more to anyone — whether they are healthy or have a pre-existing medical condition — who had a gap in their health insurance coverage.
  • Timing: Trump said Wednesday that there will be a White House health plan by sometime in March.

Why it matters: The story shows Republicans acknowledging what most health care analysts already suspected: The replacement won't cover as many people as Obamacare, partly because the GOP isn't really trying to compete on that level.

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