Aug 29, 2017 - Technology

What we lose when we automate human interactions

Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

"It's an increasingly common scene as companies from Amazon to Little Caesars and Uber introduce more ways to go about daily tasks while avoiding face-to-face contact," USA Today's Katharine Lackey writes in a front-pager:

  • "Uber is testing self-driving cars in a handful of cities."
  • "Amazon opened an automated grocery store late last year, still in beta testing, where customers (currently only its employees) can grab items and go ... All that's needed is a smartphone, which tracks the items carted out the door."
  • "Little Caesars unveiled The Pizza Portal, a machine that lets you buy and grab your pie without a cashier."
  • Why it matters: "As technology leaves out the human element, some worry that we're 'walling ourselves off.'"
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