Apr 25, 2017 - Politics & Policy

W20 Summit crowd hissed at Ivanka in Berlin

Markus Schreiber / AP

Ivanka Trump was jeered at and booed after saying that her father is a "tremendous champion of supporting families," while speaking on a panel of women leaders at the W20 summit in Berlin Tuesday.

Change of tune: Despite the crowd's audible disapproval of her comments about President Trump, the audience later applauded Ivanka for her points on empowering women.

The takeaways:

  • The digital gender divide: "There is a digital gender divide that is emerging... when you look across the glob and see that 1.7 billion women don't have a smartphone — that is a deterrent to them from participating... i think we [need to] look at how that impacts the next generation."
  • On working with her father: Ivanka said she grew up with "no barriers" to accomplishment, and that her father has "encouraged me to lean in, and be a part of this White House and be by his side." She added that the two have "very different views" on how to close the gender gap, but she's working with him on the areas where they are aligned.
  • Biggest barriers to women: "Safe and affordable child care is important, and sadly it has not been available in many places in the world — including the U.S."
  • Labels: "I think as a society we're very prone to labels, and I do label myself as a feminist... but I think there is a feeling of exclusion for a lot of women, if they deviate in one way... we have to have a discussion such as this one where we can respectfully disagree with one another."
  • As a millennial: "I am very encouraged that fathers are not only in the household but they want to be... men are increasingly engaged and really disrupting these ideas."
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