Mar 13, 2017 - Technology

Uber had a pretty good week, actually


Rebecca Zisser / Axios

No, not when it comes to corporate stuff. That's all still a mess.

But Uber, the service, was firing on all cylinders. In fact, the week of February 27 set a record in terms of the number of Uber trips taken in the U.S., according to my sources.

Here are two big reasons why many riders are sticking with Uber:

1. Lyft is not a credible alternative in many Uber markets. That leaves people with the option of cabs or public transit, and it's fair to say those aren't beloved entities either.

2. Drivers are essentially Uber's customer relations department and people love their drivers. However bad things are at HQ in San Francisco, most people's interaction with Uber are via an app and with their drivers.

That's not to say Uber doesn't have long-term problems on its hands. It has been losing a lot of key talent which could hamper its long-term ambitions to morph from a driver-based service to an autonomous car company. And, as Business Insider pointed out Friday, the situation could get worse once Uber employees collect last year's bonus.

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