Jun 13, 2017 - Technology

Twitter launches conversation buttons within Direct Messages

Twitter is adding a new feature that will allow businesses to attach buttons (powered by bots) to conversations within its Direct Messages platform. The buttons will prompt actions depending on conversations.

It's Twitter's shot at trying to help businesses deliver better customer service through the platform, like letting people buy movie tickets, take quizzes, play games, or navigate to a web page where you can buy a product. The bot-driven conversations can help users perform new automated tasks, like visit a website, follow new accounts, or start conversations with other related accounts.

Why it matters: Bots open up ways for businesses to better engage customers. For Twitter, and other data-driven platforms, using audience data to target ads to drive sales is just one way businesses can leverage the platform. In adding this option, on top of other Direct Message additions added recently, Twitter is hoping to become a prime destination for brands to connect with consumers.

One caveat: Buttons have to be added through the platform's developer API, so implementation for small and medium-sized businesses without developer resources may not be seamless at the start.

For businesses that want to use the new feature: You can customize the text on buttons to include emojis, and up to three buttons can be attached to any message. Massages can be used to open any URL, including links to other features in the Twitter app.

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