Jan 27, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump's tumultuous first week

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

WSJ has an inside look at Trump's first week in the White House. It tells the story of an "easily bored" president casually upending well-established DC norms. The most interesting bits:

  • Biting the hand…: Trump told a group of congressional leaders that he was intrigued by the idea of doing away with the Electoral College. Mitch McConnell talked him down by asking him to imagine the insanity of a nationwide popular vote recount.
  • Consolidation of power: Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are developing an internal team to strategize Trump's long-term goals. The Strategic Development Group is being called an "internal McKinsey."
  • Trouble in Trump-adise?: Rumors of a power struggle are starting to emerge amongst the inner circle as the Bannon/Kushner faction try to minimize Kellyanne Conway.
  • Easy access: Trump often calls up Republican senators himself. "I know many of these people."
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