May 14, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump's rollercoaster presidency

Greg Ruben / Axios

President Trump has had his good moments — his speech to Congress, appointing a Supreme Court justice and passing the healthcare bill through the House. But it seems like after every success, there's a fumble or scandal to steal the spotlight. It's been a wild presidency of ups and downs, so take a ride on the the Trump rollercoaster, which isn't slowing down any time soon.

Up: Jan. 20 was Trump's Inauguration.

Down: Jan. 29 he rolled out the travel ban, which created mass chaos and protests throughout the nation's airports.

Up: Feb. 28 Trump gives his first speech to Congress, which was praised by many as his most presidential moment.

Down: Four days later, Trump tweets that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, launching one of the biggest, ongoing scandals besides the investigation into Russia's election meddling.

Up: March 13, Trump releases his proposed budget, which outlines how he planned to keep many of his campaign promises.

Down: March 24, healthcare fails to pass — one of his biggest, most repeated promises of repealing and replacing the ACA.

Up: April 7, Trump orders a Syrian airstrike in response to the chemical weapons attack on civilians. This was controversial — especially for his base — but he won general approval for the move.

Down: April 11, Spicer takes the spotlight after claiming that Hitler hadn't even used chemical weapons on his own people like Assad, forgetting Hitler's gas chambers.

Up: April 21, Trump manages to free an American imprisoned in Egypt after cutting a deal with President al-Sisi.

Down: Two days later, ABC and NBC release 100-day polls giving Trump 53% and 54% disapproval ratings, respectively.

Up: April 26, Trump's tax plan goes public with all of his promised, big tax cuts.

Down: Three days later, Trump invites the Filipino authoritarian leader Duterte (who is accused of several human rights violations) to visit him at the White House.

Up: May 4, the GOP healthcare bill passes, and Trump and Paul Ryan celebrate with Republican lawmakers.

Down: May 9, Trump fires FBI Director James Comey, which receives huge backlash. Ryan took 24 hours to even comment.

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