Nov 18, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump's Hillary Clinton obsession

President Trump just can't quit Hillary Clinton. Rarely a few days pass without the president tweeting about the woman he beat.

By the numbers: Trump has tweeted or retweeted a message about Clinton approximately 837 times since 2012, and 56 times since the election.

The latest tweet from this morning, just hours after Clinton said there was nothing she admired about Trump's job as president.

The highlights since Election Day 2016
  • Dec. 21, 2016: "Campaigning to win the Electoral College is much more difficult & sophisticated than the popular vote. Hillary focused on the wrong states!"
  • Jan. 6, 2017: "Hillary and the Dems were never going to beat the PASSION of my voters."
  • Jan. 9, 2017: "Hillary flunky who lost big. For the 100th time, I never "mocked" a disabled reporter (would never do that)"
  • March 27, 2017: "Why isn't the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech ... money to Bill, the Hillary Russian "reset," praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta Russian Company. Trump Russia story is a hoax. #MAGA!"
  • April 3, 2017: "Did Hillary Clinton ever apologize for receiving the answers to the debate? Just asking!"
  • May 31, 2017: "Crooked Hillary Clinton now blames everybody but herself, refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. Hits Facebook & even Dems & DNC."
  • June 25, 2017: "Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie!"
  • July 16, 2017: "HillaryClinton can illegally get the questions to the Debate & delete 33,000 emails but my son Don is being scorned by the Fake News Media?"
  • Sept. 13, 2017: "Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction!"
  • Sept. 13, 2017: "The "deplorables" came back to haunt Hillary.They expressed their feelings loud and clear. She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!"
  • Oct. 16, 2017: "I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, 'I hope so!'"
  • Oct. 21, 2017: " Crooked Hillary Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars more on Presidential Election than I did. Facebook was on her side, not mine!"
  • Nov. 3, 2017: "Bernie Sanders supporters have every right to be apoplectic of the complete theft of the Dem primary by Crooked Hillary!" (Trump tweeted about Clinton 4 times this day.)
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