Jan 29, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump's debut: All the absurdities and distractions

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

In addition to signing 15 executive orders, Trump also indulged his usual Twitter mania and election obsessions:

The sideshows included:

  • Trump claiming the photos of the inauguration crowd were false, boasting that he had the most-watched presidential inauguration and even reaching out to the National Parks Service for photos to prove it.
  • Having the WH press secretary Sean Spicer go OFF on reporters.
  • Spicer switching to a darker suit per Trump's alleged request.
  • Trump announcing he was going to launch an investigation on voter fraud.
  • And then citing some random guy who claimed there were 3 million non-citizens who voted in the election.
  • Calling Chelsea Manning an "Ungrateful TRAITOR," stealing the line from a Fox News banner.
  • Claiming he cancelled a meeting with Mexico, when Mexico cancelled the meeting on him.
  • And after all the complaints about the DNC not protecting themselves from hacking, having the POTUS Twitter account linked to an unsecured gmail.
  • Spicer accidentally tweeting out two (assumed to be) passwords.
  • And Trump having a weird interview about all of these things on ABC.
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