Jun 28, 2017 - Health

Trump: will be "very tough" to pass health bill

Evan Vucci / AP

President Trump touched on health care during an energy roundtable Wednesday, saying he'd had a "tremendous meeting" yesterday with Republican senators, and that although the Senate bill will be "very tough" to get approved, he thinks the GOP will "get at least very close" to passing it, and will ultimately get it over the line. More from Trump:

  • "Obamacare is dying, it's essentially dead... It's been a headache for everybody, it's been a nightmare for many and we're looking at a health-care that will be a fantastic tribute to your country."
  • "It will be far better than Obamacare and much less expensive for the people and also much less expensive for the country."
  • From the WH pool: "Healthcare is working along very well...we're gonna have a big surprise. We have a great Healthcare package. ... we're going to have a great, great surprise."
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