Feb 23, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump weighs in on nukes, the EU, North Korea and Russia

Evan Vucci / AP

Reuters has a new interview with President Trump from the Oval Office. He covered a broad range of foreign policy issues, often at odds with decades of entrenched policy. The highlights…

  • Nuclear arsenal: Trump wants to take the United States to the "top of the pack" and said that it was "never going to fall behind on nuclear power."
  • A globalist? The self-proclaimed "Mr. Brexit" stated that he's "totally in favor" of the European Union, calling it "wonderful."
  • Russia: Trump said he'd talk to Putin personally "if and when [they] meet" about the reported deployment of a new Russian cruise missile in violation of an arms control treaty with the United States. He is not in favor of another "one-sided" START treaty.
  • North Korea: He called North Korea "a dangerous situation" but believes that China can "end it very quickly." He also floated the idea of a missile defense system for Japan and South Korea as an option in the region.
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