Mar 21, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump singled out House Republican on Obamacare replacement

President Trump singled out House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows (R-NC) by name in a Capitol Hill meeting with House Republicans today, according to a source in the room.

Trump asked Meadows to stand and then talked about how Meadows supported his campaign early, adding he expects Meadows to support the Republican Obamacare replacement bill in the end. Trump said, according to our source:

"Mark, I'm gonna come after you." ā€” Trump to Meadows, while smiling and winking

In a press gaggle after the meeting, Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) said Trump was "half joking" in his comments. When Meadows emerged from the meeting, he said he was still a "no" on the bill, adding that he didn't anticipate any Freedom Caucus members would change their vote.

This post has been updated to clarify an editing error saying the meeting was at the White House. It was on Capitol Hill.

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