May 9, 2017 - Politics & Policy

​Trump ponders Afghanistan surge

Carolyn Kaster / AP

The Washington Post's lead story, "U.S. is poised to ramp up Taliban fight," by Missy Ryan and Greg Jaffe, reveals one of the most consequential decisions that has yet faced this young administration:

  • "Trump's most senior military and foreign policy advisers have proposed a major shift in strategy in Afghanistan that would effectively put the United States back on a war footing with the Taliban."
  • "The plan comes at the end of a sweeping policy review built around the president's desire to reverse worsening security in Afghanistan and 'start winning' again, said one U.S. official."
  • "The new strategy ... has the backing of top Cabinet officials." Trump's view is unknown.
  • Why it matters: "The ... changes would ... reverse moves by ... Obama to steadily limit the U.S. military role in Afghanistan."
  • "Trump is expected to make a final call ... before a May 25 NATO summit in Brussels."
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