Jan 18, 2017 - Health

Trump on insurance for everybody: Never mind

President-elect Trump talked to Axios yesterday about his "insurance for everybody" comments — and this time, he was back to talking about Obamacare replacement the same way he did in the campaign.

Well, we want people taken care of .... There will be nobody dying on the streets in a Trump administration.

And where Trump was starting to sound like a single-payer guy a few days ago, now he's back to talking about Medicaid block grants. "Whether it's Medicaid block grants or whatever it may be, we have to make sure that people are taken care of," he said.

Between the lines: Trump's latest comments should help settle the big question Republicans, and many health care wonks, had after Trump's Washington Post interview: Is he talking about a different plan than he laid out in the campaign? The answer, it now appears, is no.

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