Oct 25, 2017

Trump: media makes me look "uncivil"

President Trump said Wednesday the media paints an inaccurate picture of him. "I went to an Ivy League college. I was a nice student. I did very well. I'm a very intelligent person," he said.

More from Trump:

  • On the Washington Post report that the Clinton campaign and the DNC bankrolled researched for the Trump-Russia dossier: Democrats are "embarrassed about it ... It's a very sad commentary on politics in this country."
  • Which Republican initially funded Fusion GPS's research into Trump's connections to Kremlin? "If I were to guess, I have one name in mind."
  • On his conflicts with GOP senators and with Rep. Wilson and gold star widow Myeshia Johnson: "Well, I think it's always okay when somebody says something about you that's false, I think it's always okay to counter-punch or to fight back."
  • On his call with Johnson: "I would say basically we talked condolence ... I was extremely nice to" Sgt. La David Johnson's widow. "I said La David right from the beginning."
  • On his Tuesday lunch with GOP senators: "It was almost a love fest. Maybe it was a love fest. Standing ovations. There is great unity" in the Republican Party.
  • On Flake's retirement: "I think I'll be boosted in Arizona because he's very unpopular ... I think I'm probably helped greatly in Arizona by what happened with Senator Flake."
  • On whether Corker will support Trump's tax plan: "I really believe [he's] gonna do the right thing."
  • On the Obama-era uranium deal with Russia: "That's Watergate, modern age."
  • On whether he authorized the mission in Niger: "Not specifically ... I gave [generals] authority to do what's right so we win" the fight against ISIS.
  • On DACA: "I would love to do a DACA deal but we have to get something very substantial for it, including the wall, including security, including a strong border."
  • On Rep. Kevin Brady's comment that changes to 401(k) plans may come as part of tax legislation: "Maybe we'll use it as negotiating." But "there are certain elements of deals you don't want to negotiate with ... [Brady] knows how important 401(k)s are."
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