May 4, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Trump loosens restrictions on churches endorsing politicians

Evan Vucci / AP

Trump delivered remarks during the National Day of Prayer before calling on a series of religious leaders to stand behind him as he signed his executive order promoting free speech and religious liberty.

You're now in a position where you can say what you want to say, and I know you'll only say good.

Key piece of the order: It eases restrictions imposed by the Johnson Amendment, which limits political participation by tax-exempt religious groups.


  • "We will not allow people of faith to be bullied, targeted or silenced any more, and we will never stand for religious discrimination, never ever...tolerance is the cornerstone of peace."
  • "No American should be forced to choose between the dictates of the federal government and the tenets of their faith... freedom is not a gift from government, freedom is a gift from God."
  • "My first foreign trip as POTUS will be to Saudi Arabia, then to Israel ,and then to place my cardinals love very much — Rome."
  • Trump said he will meet "with our Muslim allies" from across the Middle East in Saudia Arabia to discuss combating terror.
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