Oct 9, 2017

Trump administration axing Obama-era clean power rule

Photo: Dake Kang / AP

EPA Administrator Pruitt said Monday morning that the Trump administration will withdraw from the Obama-era clean power plan, per the Associated Press.

We all know this is coming, but this will serve as the official starting gun for what is bound to be a protracted regulatory, political, and legal fight.

A preview of what to expect starting on Tuesday, from Axios' Generate newsletter:

  • EPA will issue a proposed rule repealing the rule outright.
  • Then the agency will take a separate action at another time (specifics to be determined) asking for public comment about what kind of rule (if any) to issue cutting carbon emissions.
  • Why that matters: That pre-regulatory step will prolong any action toward a carbon rule by several months if not a year or more.

Go deeper: Look at Politico's copy of the draft rule and some coverage of the anticipated repeal: Politico, Bloomberg and Washington Post.

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