Mar 7, 2017 - Technology

Translating Trump tweets: What he means on drug prices

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President Trump has been tweeting on health care this morning, and not just on the Obamacare replacement plan. Here's what he said about bringing down drug prices:

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Between the lines: It's unlikely that Trump is actually working on a plan of his own. Sometimes he says that when he really means he's just supporting what congressional Republicans are doing (see: Obamacare replacement bill). More likely, Trump is just repeating what he said at his January meeting with drug company executives: The best way to bring down drug prices is to promote competition. That's a plan Congress is already likely to take up, through a bipartisan bill to speed the approval of generic drugs.

From a White House spokesman: Trump is "committed to making drugs more affordable while promoting innovation, and cutting regulations to encourage drug companies to bring back operations and jobs to the United States."

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