Jan 24, 2017 - Economy

Top jobs less likely to be automated

Glassdoor's best jobs of the year include titles like Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Analytics Manager. The rankings were determined by the combination of three factors: number of job openings, salary and overall job satisfaction.

The other quality they all have in common? These jobs are less likely to fall victim to automation. That's because they require "soft-skills" like creativity, judgement and flexibility, which are all extremely difficult to automate, Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain told Business Insider. "Having them allows workers to team up with technology to be more productive, rather than simply being replaced by it."

Why it matters: The Trump administration is concerned about jobs — particularly lower-skilled jobs — disappearing as technology advances. It's also pushing companies to hire U.S. workers for highly-skilled jobs rather than relying on temporary visas to bring in foreign workers with advanced degrees. These automation-resistant jobs will help fuel the urgency around creating a stronger pipeline of U.S. workers who have the engineering skills to fill these roles domestically.

Top 10 Jobs in America/ Median Salary

  1. Data Scientist: $110,000
  2. DevOps Engineer: $110,000
  3. Data Engineer: $106,000
  4. Tax Manager: $110,000
  5. Analytics Manager: $112,000
  6. HR Manager: $85,000
  7. Database Administrator: $93,000
  8. Strategy Manager: $130,000
  9. UX Designer: $92,500
  10. Solutions Architect: $125,000
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