Sep 20, 2017 - Technology

Tim Cook: Apple is pushing "extremely hard" on DACA

Tim Cook talks about key societal issues, like welcoming Dreamers. Photo: Screengrab from conference livestream

Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed his "personal shock" with the discussion surrounding what to do with Dreamers at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in NYC Wednesday. Cook said Apple is pushing "extremely hard" on addressing the changes to DACA.

If Cook were the leader of a country: He'd want "every smart person" to be welcomed with open arms, because "smart people create jobs" ... "I'd have a very aggressive plan not to just let a few people in. I would be recruiting."

Key quotes from Cook:

  • "People have values... Companies are nothing more than a collection of people, so by an extension, all companies should have values."
  • On DACA: "Apple is pushing extremely hard on this. I think it's the biggest issue of our time because this goes to our values of being American. This goes to being 'are you human?'"
  • "To whom much is given much is expected, and Apple has had much success, so we feel a responsibility to give back, and so for us, we try to look deeply at what issues are key in society."

Mike Bloomberg:

  • Bloomberg compared the threat of deporting Dreamers to jailing an infant of a bank robber, adding that it wouldn't make sense to punish a child for parent's crime.
  • On ending DACA: "What on earth are we thinking about? These people may be here illegally but they didn't commit a crime, also we desperately need them!"
  • If these smart people cant come here, they will go to other countries and bring their intelligence there and then our country will fall behind.
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