Jun 27, 2017 - Economy

There's a fake TIME Magazine cover hanging in Trump's country clubs

There's a framed TIME Magazine cover from March 2009 featuring Donald Trump and the headline, "Trump is hitting on all fronts... even TV!" hanging in at least four of his golf clubs — but it's a fake, WashPost uncovered. Trump wasn't on the cover of TIME at all in 2009.

Why it matters: Donald Trump has been quick to call out "fake news," and now is caught promoting fake news when it makes him look good. Trump has prided himself in the past for being on the cover of TIME Magazine, thanking the company on Twitter for naming him person of the year last December.

The giveaways: A thinner red border than is usual; no thin white border around the image; summary of headlines on the right side of the cover instead of at the top; and two exclamation points.

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