Feb 9, 2017

The takeaways from Spicer's testy Thursday briefing

Carolyn Kaster / AP

Sean Spicer held his testiest briefing yet with the White House press corps. And it looks like he needs to update his boss on #2 in his 17 Rules for Life. ("Think before you tweet, post, or upload.")

  • On Trump tweeting about Nordstrom but not Quebec City attack: "I literally opened the briefing [a few days ago] with that...You're equating me addressing the nation here and a tweet? This is silly."
  • Gorsuch's "demoralizing" comments: Spicer said that Gorsuch was not commenting on any specific comment or tweet by Trump, but rather attacks on the judiciary as a whole. "He literally went out of his way to say, 'I'm not commenting on a specific instance.'"
  • On Trump toning down his criticism of the judiciary: "When President Obama did it, there was no concern from this briefing room. When [Trump] does it, it's a ton of outrage."
  • Kellyanne pushing Ivanka's brand: "Kellyanne has been counseled on the subject...and that's it."
  • The Putin call: Spicer refused to comment on reports regarding Trump not knowing about the New START nuclear treaty. He said it was a private call.
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