Jan 16, 2017 - Politics & Policy

The new Davos focus: inequality, not growth

Gian Ehrenzeller / AP

The World Economic Forum, which runs the exclusive annual retreat at Davos, is responding to Trump and Brexit (and others) by telling governments they should focus on "insecurity and inequality accompanying technological change and globalization." In a new report they rank which countries are doing the best (Reader service: the list is on page 6 of the 75-page report. Norway is best)

Why the change? The WEF founder kicked off the event by telling attendees "it's important to listen to the populists." And this sentence in a Reuters report from Davos nicely sums up the mood:

"Beneath the veneer of optimism over the economic outlook lurks acute anxiety about an increasingly toxic political climate and a deep sense of uncertainty surrounding the U.S. presidency of Donald Trump..."
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