Mar 7, 2017 - Politics & Policy

The highlights from Spicer's Tuesday briefing

Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Spicer was back on camera for his Tuesday briefing after a weeklong hiatus — and he had a lot of ground to cover. Top of the list? The Obamacare repeal plan that was released last night. A stack of copies of the new bill was positioned on a table next to the briefing podium, signaling that — as Tom Price noted — "the bill is on the table." Clever. Other takeaways:

  • Spicer's guest du jour: HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price broke down the new Obamacare replacement plan, emphasizing that it's all "about patients and partnership." He also noted that patients will be able to return to their previous healthcare plans that were eliminated under Obamacare.
  • On calling it TrumpCare: Price: "Oh, I don't know... I'd rather call it PatientCare." Spicer: "I think we're less concerned with labels right now and more concerned with action and results."
  • Wiretapping: Spicer said the president "has not" asked the FBI director, James Comey, about the alleged tapping. When asked whether he believed Obama wiretapped the president, Spicer hit back, "I know that's a 'cute' question... but I'm not here to talk about myself."
  • Obamacare replacement: Spicer repeatedly stated, "The old plan was jammed down everybody's throats." He also reiterated (again and again) that the biggest difference is the size of the bill, "ours is a tenth of the size!"
  • On Trump claiming on Twitter that Obama released 122 Gitmo prisoners who returned to the battlefield, which is not correct (Bush released 113 of those 122): The president "meant to comment on the totality of releases... in that aspect, yes he was correct," said Spicer.
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