Jan 29, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Steve Bannon vs Karl Rove

Trump yesterday added Steve Bannon, his chief strategist, to the National Security Council's Principals' Committee, on par with the SecState and SecDef. Neither Karl Rove nor David Plouffe nor David Axelrod were on the Principals' Committee.

Bannon is defined as a regular attendee, an elevation over the Director of National Intelligence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who "shall attend where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed." Signing the NSC organizational order in the Oval Office, Trump told reporters the structure "represents … a lot of efficiency and I think a lot of additional safety. People have been talking about doing this for a long time — like many years."

Compare that to how George W. Bush handled his close advisor, Karl Rove:

Former GWB chief of staff Josh Bolten explains why the president did not allow Karl Rove to attend NSC mtgs, ever https://t.co/H6abw7buGP pic.twitter.com/Uad0vh3AIt— Rebecca Berg (@rebeccagberg) January 29, 2017

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