Apr 28, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Spicer doesn't want you to worry about N. Korea

Andrew Harnik / AP

Sean Spicer told Reuters' Jeff Mason Friday that he doesn't think Americans should be worried that Trump said the U.S. could be headed for a "major, major conflict" with North Korea:

"The president understands the threat... we're having tremendous success utilizing China to diplomatically use the pressure they have with Korea, both economically and politically, to our advantage. That's a result of the relationship President Trump built with President Xi."
  • On health care vote: "We feel very good, we're not going to try to push this, we're going to do this when the votes are there and the votes are coming every day."
  • Trump's 100 days: "We've made a lot of progress, he's made a lot of headway... but this idea of judging a presidency by his first 100 days... it's really an artificial deadline... we're proud of what we've done, but we want to make it clear we've got 8, 7 plus years to go."
  • On being Trump's spokesman: "It's not a quiet existence," laughed Spicer. "The president gets up early and goes to bed late... and he expects the same of his staff... I think we all struggle to keep up with him."
  • On having regrets: "Of course I have regrets," said Spicer. "I have spent my life, whether it was in the military or on the civilian side, looking at an event like 'How can you make a good event better? How can you take an event that didn't go so well better?... We look back on a daily basis, we're constantly re-evaluating."
  • How does he relax? "Ha! I'm not sure I do."
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