Jul 31, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Sanders briefs reporters following Scaramucci's ouster

Alex Brandon / AP

Sarah Sanders, who will soon replace Sean Spicer as Press Secretary, stated Monday that White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, "does not have a role [at the White House] at this time." She later added that President Trump "certainly thought Anthony's comments [to The New Yorker] were inappropriate for a person in that position." Other highlights from Monday's press briefing:

  • Is new Chief of Staff John Kelly responsible for Scaramucci's ouster? "We all serve at the pleasure of the president," but in this instance it was a "mutual agreement."
  • Hierarchy of reporting to Kelly: "Gen. Kelly has the full authority to operate in the White House and all staff will report to him."
  • What will happen to Spicer now? "I am not aware of any changes on that front."
  • On Attorney General Sessions: "The president has 100 percent confidence in every member of his Cabinet."

Earlier, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and National Security Advisor McMaster announced new sanctions on Venezuela.

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