Jun 20, 2017 - World

Russian fighter jet flies within 5 feet of US plane

Mark Thiessen / AP

A Russian jet flew within five feet of an Air Force recon plane over the Baltic Sea, per Fox News. And it happened just one day after Russia told the United States that any U.S.-led coalition planes over Syria west of the Euphrates River were considered potential targets.

American officials told Fox News the Russian jet was "provocative" and flying "erratically," deeming the encounter "unsafe."

Sounds familiar: There have been at least 35 encounters in the Baltic region this month alone between Russian and American military assets, but yesterday's incident adds to a long list of publicly reported provocative Russian military moves during the first few months of the Trump administration.

February 10: Four Russian fighter planes buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea with one armed jet flying over the ship at just 300 feet.

February 14: A Russian spy ship patrolled off the East Coast near Delaware in international waters — in the midst of a round trip from Cuba.

April 17: Russian jets approached within 100 miles of the Alaskan coast, prompting the U.S. to scramble stealth fighters to intercept them.

May 3: U.S. fighter planes intercepted a formation of four Russian aircraft within 50 miles of Alaska.

May 9: An armed Russian jet flew within 20 feet of a Navy reconnaissance plane for nearly five minutes over the Black Sea.

May 11 (approximately): A Russian jet performed an "unprofessional" barrel roll over a U.S. tanker aircraft in the skies over Syria, prompting apologies from Russian officials.

June 6: A U.S. B-52 patrol flying over the Baltic Sea was intercepted by a Russian fighter jet.

June 9: A Russian jet conducted a "safe and professional" intercept of a U.S. refueling exercise over the Baltic Sea.

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