May 30, 2017 - Technology

Russia and Ukraine got in a Twitter feud

Russian Federation; Richard Drew / AP; Government of Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine engaged in a brief skirmish this morning — on Twitter, in English.

The beef: The countries argued over the nationality of Anna Yaroslavna, the queen consort of France from 1051 to 1060. She was born in Kievan Rus — a connected group of Slavic tribes from which some modern nations, including both Russia and Ukraine, claim their cultural ancestry. So to Ukrainians, she's "Anne of Kiev," and to Russians, she's "Anne of Russia."

Why it matters: It's just another arm of the all-out propaganda war between Russia and Ukraine following Russia's illegal seizure of Crimea. Plus, the statement "comply with int law" between two countries is all the more devastating when it's delivered with a Benedict Cumberbatch GIF.

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