Oct 12, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Poll: Majority believe Puerto Rico isn't getting the help they need

The majority of the American public feels that residents of Puerto Rico are not receiving the help they need in the wake of Hurricane Maria, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll released today.

Data: Kaiser Family Foundation poll conducted Oct. 4-8, 2017; Chart: Chris Canipe / Axios

Other findings:

  • Are most residents of Puerto Rico U.S. citizens? 76% said "yes"; 17% said "no"; 7% said "don't know."
  • Is the federal government doing enough to restore electricity and access to food and water? 52% said "not doing enough" and 40% said "doing enough." Among Democrats: 74% said "not doing enough"; 19% said "doing enough." Independents: 54% "not doing enough"; 38% said "doing enough." Republicans: 17% "not doing enough"; 74% said "doing enough."
  • Has the federal government's response been too slow, too fast, or about right? 52% said "too slow"; 3% said "too fast"; 41% said "about right."Among Democrats: 72% said "too slow"; <1% said "too fast"; 24% said "about right."Independents: 55% said "too slow"; 4% said "too fast"; 31% said "about right."Republicans: 16% said "too slow"; 3% said "too fast"; 75% said "about right."
  • What is most to blame for the recovery problems? 44% said a slow response by the federal government, 32% said disorganization at the local level, 10% said lack of attention from news media, 7% said other, 7% said "don't know."
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