Jun 8, 2017

People scroll past content a lot faster on FB mobile

Matt Rourke / AP

In conjunction with a video ad announcement Thursday, Facebook revealed some key stats around their platform that give marketers a sense of how user attention has shifted on mobile.

  • Scroll rates: People scroll through Facebook's mobile News Feed 41% faster than desktop.
  • Percent of autoplay videos: Videos autoplay on Facebook around 70% of the time. Fluctuation depends on user settings.
  • Autoplay video completion: People watch autoplay videos on average for 16.7 seconds. A video is counted as "viewed" on Facebook if it is watched for at least three seconds.
  • Video ad completion: Video ads are watched in the News Feed on average for 5.7 seconds

Facebook conducted a study to observe how people use Facebook while watching TV. They found that Facebook use increased during every commercial break. They also found that there was no real difference in the type of activity during commercial breaks.

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