Apr 1, 2017 - Health

Pence on Trumpcare: "It ain't over yet"

John Minchillo / AP

Vice President Mike Pence is keeping up the pressure on House Republicans to bring Obamacare repeal back from the dead — though without the Freedom Caucus-trolling style of President Trump. "It ain't over yet," Pence told an audience in Reynoldsburg, Ohio this afternoon. "Even as we speak, I'm told the members of Congress are forging ahead — working to craft legislation that will usher in the end of Obamacare."

When Congress finally decides to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Trump and I will be ready to work with them hand in glove.

Why it matters: Just file his comments away for now. There's been some motion in the last couple of days, with the Freedom Caucus narrowing its demands — but not enough to suggest real movement. But it's clear that Pence wants to keep the applause lines coming, and maybe set the stage just in case there's a breakthrough.

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