Apr 27, 2017 - Politics & Policy

Pelosi: Trump making "fools" of GOP on taxes, health care

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had some colorful criticisms for President Trump at her press conference Thursday, accusing him of "for making fools of members of Congress":

  • Tax plan: It's a "wish list for billionaires" said Pelosi, emphasizing that it would have cut Trump's taxes by $30m in 2005 (the only year we have returns for, as they were released by Rachel Maddow.)
  • New GOP health care bill: "The minute they cast that vote they'll put doo-doo on their shoes, a tattoo on their forehead."
  • Government shutdown: Pelosi said negotiations on passing the omnibus package are ongoing, and they are committed to keeping the government open, but "more progress needs to be made" for that to happen.
  • On his overnight tweets: They're like a "vampire" that "stalks in the night."
  • North Korea: Trump "is playing with fire when he's talking about North Korea. We have to exhaust every diplomatic remedy."
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