Aug 3, 2017 - Economy

Partisan media had totally different takes on the Miller-Acosta brawl

Susan Walsh, Andrew Harnik / AP

CNN's Jim Acosta and top White House advisor Stephen Miller got into a shouting match at the daily press briefing on Wednesday, and partisan media quickly took sides.

Why it matters: This fight is just one more vivid example of the ongoing war between the Trump administration and main stream media as well as the vicious partisanship surrounding the Trump presidency. As usual, left-leaning media sites rushed to praise Jim Acosta as a hero and criticize Stephen Miller, while right-leaning media companies ran headlines mocking Acosta or cheering on Miller.

Here are some headlines from right-leaning and left-leaning news sites on the Acosta-Miller brawl.


  • Daily Caller: "Jim Acosta just threw a temper tantrum after getting spanked"
  • Breitbart: "Jim Acosta has no idea how many immigrants speak English"
  • The Blaze: "Watch: Stephen Miller shouts down and insults CNN's Jim Acosta over immigration"
  • Washington Examiner: "Conservatives praise Stephen Miller, rebuke CNN's Acosta after White House press briefing"
  • Washington Times: "Stephen Miller, Trump aide, spars with CNN reporter Jim Acosta over immigration plan"


  • Democratic Underground: "Top White House aide gets questioned on racial coding in new immigration policy, totally flips out"
  • ThinkProgress: "Stephen Miller attacks Statue of Liberty poem, echoing popular white nationalist talking point"
  • Daily Kos: "Trump aide goes off rails, cites hate groups, disses Lady Liberty's 'Give me your tired' call"
  • HuffPost: "Top Trump Aide Struggles To Back Up Trump's Push For Slashing Legal Immigration"
  • Daily Beast: "Stephen Miller loses it on CNN's Jim Acosta"
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