Jan 23, 2017 - Health

Obamacare by another name

Timothy D. Easley / AP

Bloomberg has a lesson for President Trump and national Republicans from Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of Kentucky: rebranding Obamacare might be easier than killing it.

Some Republican-friendly additions Kentucky lawmakers made to Obamacare while maintaining Medicaid expansion in the state:

  • Rebranding — the program is known as Kynect or Passport
  • Monthly premiums of $1 to $15, allowed to rise annually
  • $1,000 per year deductible, funded by the state
  • A requirement to work or volunteer for 20 hours each week

Why this matters: This could be a template for how the national battle for Obamacare might end up, our own David Nather wrote last week.

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