Jan 18, 2017 - Economy & Business

Obama vs. Trump on the press

In the past 24 hours, President Obama and President-elect Trump have vocalized two nearly opposite sentiments about the press.

On treatment by the press:

The press has been extremely dishonest when it comes to me. — Trump in Axios interview Tuesday

You keep us honest and make sure we're accountable to the people who sent us here. — Obama at press conference Wednesday

On working with the press:

I hope to be able to get along with the press. — Trump
I have enjoyed working with all of you. It doesn't mean I've enjoyed every story you have filed, but that's not the point of this relationship. —Obama

On using the press:

I'm treated so dishonestly by the press that this [social media] is a way of my getting a word out that's accurate. — Trump

[Democracy] doesn't work if we don't have well-informed citizenry and you are the conduit for how they receive information in the halls of power. America needs you and the democracy needs you. — Obama

On fairness by the press:

I've never realized how dishonest the press was. I have been amazed. — Trump
I can appreciate your fairness even if didn't always agree with your conclusions. — Obama
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