Feb 5, 2017 - Health

Now it's the Republicans who are facing angry Obamacare town halls

Republicans are starting to face angry crowds at town halls as people protest their Obamacare repeal plans — a mirror image of the furious protests Democrats faced at their own town halls in 2009 from people who didn't want them to pass Obamacare.

In California, Rep. Tom McClintock had to have a police escort as he left his meeting in Roseville, the Los Angeles Times reported. Hundreds of people showed up for the meeting, and McClintock's staff told him the situation was deteriorating. "It's the first time I've ever had a police department have to extract me from a town hall, and I've done well over 100 of them in Congress," he told the Times.

A reporter from KQED Public Radio tweeted this video of protesters yelling "shame" as he left:

And in Florida, Rep. Gus Bilirakis faced his own blowback at a crowded town hall meeting in Palm Harbor. The Tampa Bay Times reported that one constituent, who said he was an independent who voted for Bilirakis, pleaded with him not to take away a law that gave him coverage for a heart condition: "Please don't take my life away. Please don't let me die."

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