Feb 22, 2017 - Politics & Policy

New poll: Trump’s strengths and weaknesses

Over the weekend we did a piece on what Trump gets right and what he gets wrong, according to aides and insiders. Today, Quinnipiac released a national poll asking American citizen what they think Trump's strengths and weaknesses are. Here's what they found.


  • Strength: 64% say he's a strong person, 32% say he's not.
  • Intelligence: 58% say he's smart, 38% say he's not.


  • Care for Americans: 44% say he cares for the average American, while 53% say he doesn't.
  • Leadership: 42% say he has good leadership skills, 55% say he doesn't.
  • Honesty: 40% say he's honest, 55% say he's not.
  • Unity: 36% say he's doing more to unite the country, while 58% say he is doing more to divide.
  • Values: 37% say he shares their values, 60% say he doesn't.
  • Level-headedness: 33% say he is level-headed, 63% say he's not.

Overall, the poll found that Trump only has a 38% job approval rating to 55% disapproval.

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