Apr 17, 2017 - Science

NASA plans 360-degree live stream of Tuesday's rocket launch


United Launch Allaince

If you've ever wanted to get close to a rocket launch, NASA is offering a new way to do so.

For the first time, the space agency is broadcasting a launch live in 360-degree video. The 360-degree live stream is scheduled to start 10 minutes before liftoff on NASA's YouTube channel. The launch of an International Space Station resupply ship is targeted for some time in a 30-minute window that starts around 11:11 a.m. ET. At the moment, the weather forecast looks good, with a 90 percent chance of favorable launch conditions.

While you can view the launch from a computer or standard mobile device, a virtual reality headset offers the best opportunity to feel like you are right there at Cape Canaveral.

Why it matters: Virtual Reality headsets hold the promise of allowing people to put themselves in places they would never normally be. Being able to be on a rocket launch pad is a perfect example of that.

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